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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Straw Hat by Faberge c1938

Straw Hat was launched by Faberge in 1938. It was released only once a year at the beginning of Spring. Straw Hat by Faberge, the essence of summer, fresh and delightfully light. Conveying the scent of a field of wild flowers cool as a dip in the sea.

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like?  It was a beautiful woody, powdery violet perfume with a hint of hay, green grasses, tangy balsam and spices.
  • Top notes: aldehydes, geranium, lemon, lavender 
  • Middle notes: jasmine, mimosa, spices, new mown hay, violet, rose, heliotrope 
  • Bottom notes: green grasses, balsam, patchouli, oakmoss, sandalwood, vanilla, musk

Straw Hat was available in parfum, eau de cologne, soap, talc, bubble bath, dusting powder and hand and body lotion.

A 1940 advertisement announces the new Straw Hat fragrance:

"It’s Fun…It’s Love in The Sun…Faberge, the French parfumeur, presents the youngest member of his fabulous perfume family - “Straw hat”, a flirt, a coquette, a hug in a hay mow! - kissing cousin to her tantalizing predecessors, “Aphrodisia”, “Woodhue” and “Tigress”.
“Straw Hat” upholds the honor and symmetry of the Faberge family by appearing in the by-now famous streamlined crystal flacons. Tops covered in plaited straw, trimmed with scarlet linen, look like miniature straw hats above slim transparent columns…a theme that is duplicated in both the “Straw hat” parfum and the Eau de Cologne Extraordinaire.. The name lettering on flacons and packages is in scarlet, designed to look like miniature sheaves of wheat. 
Somewhat of a spoilt darling, “Straw Hat” was given a Palm Beach preview, previous to its northern debut. Only with the coming of Spring did it went its way above the Mason-Dixon Line. A “natural” for resort wear - with slacks, tub silk frocks, filmy evening gowns - “Straw Hat” migrates merrily into Spring fashions, associated with Easter bonnets and can be found at Saks."

Fate of the Fragrance:

Straw Hat was discontinued around 1976. You may find some bottles marked "Straw Hat II", this is the same fragrance as the original Straw Hat but with "a new touch of herbs and grasses", this must have been because the grass and herbal craze was really going strong during that time with the Hippie set. It was described as "brisk and breezy".

Straw Hat II was packaged in the bubble bottles and labeled cologne, you could also get bath powder and talc.

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